MDZ - The meter of strip lenght steps to the press

MDZ-2 meter can be used both for exact setting of the strip advance step length and the step tolerance keeping during operation.


MDZ-2 is an instrument designed for precision metering of the length of the strip advance steps into the press. Subject to software modification, the system can be used also, for instance, to measure strip speed, strip length, meter set lengths at precision material cutting etc.

Digital display allows:

  • digital indication of the measured strip advance step lengths using 14 mm high digits on display with LEDs
  • upper and lower strip advance step limit setting
  • relais switching if the upper or lower limit is exceeded

Supplementary accessories:

  • rotary encoder
  • wheel of very hard rubber with special pattern preventing slippage
  • digital control unit
  • cable 3 m

Optional accessories:

  • pneumatic cylinder for wheel lift remote
  • serial data output (RS-232, RS-485, PROFIBUS)
  • analogue output
Základní technické údaje:
Parametr Hodnota
Resolution 0,1 mm
Measuring wheel D = 76 mm
Pracovní teplota 0 °C - 60 °C
Outputs of limits 2 Relais NO (250 VAC/30 VDC, 3 A)

Attached images

  • MDZ-1