STM - Shapemeter roll

Metal strip flatness measurement system - Sectional strip tension meter - Shapemeter roll (Shape-roll, Measuring-roll). Type: STM

STM 800x650

Sectional strip tension meter is designed for evaluating of metal strip flatness in cold rolling mills. The principle of the flatness evaluation is based on measuring of pressure forces of a metal strip in the multiple zones of the measuring roll deflector. A visual unit displays measured tensions across the strip in real time on monitor in the form of a column and flat graphical mapping.


  • measuring the spread of the tensile force from zero speed of the strip
  • measuring the total tensile force of the strip
  • flatness display in I-units
  • affordably priced measuring equipment
  • simple construction for maintenance and calibration


  • custom built measuring deflector with sensitive measuring zones
  • industrial PC with visualisation and archiving software
  • data output: PROFIBUS or per customer requirement
  • OEM version without Industrial PC is possible
Basic technical data:
Parameter Value
Measurement error <0,15% of full range
Strip temperature max. 180°C
Width of each zone 33,3 mm
Max. vertical force each zone 14 000 N
Environmental protection of sensors IP68

Attached videos

STM-1200 on electrical seel strip in VIZ-STEEL Russia (NLMK group):

STM-400 on lead strip in Johnson Controls, Inc. Mexico:

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Attached images

  • STM-1200 VIZ Steel Russia
  • STM-1200 VIZ Steel Russia with tablet
  • STM-1200 monitor
  • STM-400 on lead strip - Johnson Controls, Inc. Mexico
  • STM-1860 on tension leveler TYASA Mexico
  • Shapemeter_PC_SW
  • Flatness report_example