PP-VISUAL - Visualization System of the Thickness Course and SPC

The equipment is designed for counting of one or more continual thickness measuring units for graphic presentation of the course on the screen, for the continuous statistic evaluation, for printing of protocols and filing of measured data.


System characteristics:

  • simple control even without PC knowledge
  • communication with thickness measuring units (data counting and transfer of the adjustment into the thickness measuring units)
  • graphic display of the thickness course with the presentation of tolerances
  • measuring of the length at the attachment of the pulse signal
  • filing of measured data on the HDD
  • printing of measurement protocols in table and graphic form
  • possibility of computer network interfacing

Basic parts of the system:

  • software support with WINDOWS
  • color monitor 19" LCD
  • industrial chassis - PC on the basis of INTEL processor
  • DVD R/W
  • HDD min.320 GB
  • input/output card for the attachment of the technology (e.g. pulses of length measurement)
  • communication cards for the connection of measuring instruments of the thickness and of the Ethernet network
  • cables for the connection of the thickness measuring instrument


  • continuous evaluation and the display of statistic indicators during the measurement
  • possibility of further processing of data archiving by means of EXCEL program

Attached images

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  • Vizual3
  • Vizual4
  • HW