X-ray strip thickness and profile gauge

X-ray metal strip thickness and profile gauge is designed for contactless online measuring of metal strip thickness on rolling mills or processing lines.


The principle is based on the measurement of the X-Ray beam attenuation.


  • Optimized low- energy source (longer life of X-ray tube)
  • Temperature dependence is compensated by the constant temperature regulation
    of the X-Ray source and detector
  • The design of the C-frame and slide can be customized to fit the customer needs
  • Across profile scanning


  • C-frame with ceramic X-ray tube and detector
  • Motorized slide
  • Chiller unit
  • Industrial PC with processing, visualisation and archiving software
Basic technical data:
Parameter Value
Material Al & alloys
Resolution 0,001 mm
Analog signal response time 10 ms
Sampling 288 samples/ 10 ms
Thickness measurement error < 0,1% (0,2%) - not less than ± 1µm
Air gap temperature influence approx. 1 µm/10°C

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X ray strip thickness and profile gauge:

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