SPKV - Scanner of car position for coking plants

The scanner of car position SPKV-03 serves for accurate command guidance and positioning of Coke Oven Machines (charging car; pusher machine; guide car; quench car or wharf and maintenance cars) to individual coke oven chambers.

Snímač polohy kolejových vozidel pro koksovny


  • coding plates and sensor head are made of stainless steel
  • there is no electronic part in the coding plates
  • optical system resistant to dust, smoke and steam (automatic control)
  • automatic control of sensor head temperature
  • heating system to prevent steam condensation
  • prevention of faulty reading of car position
  • accurate position measurement even on curved rails +-70 horizontally and +-45 vertically


  • accurate car positioning
  • automatic car shunting
  • process control and follow up

Principle of device:

Coding plates are installed in front of individual coke chambers, the sensor head is fixed to the coke oven machine, and the display is installed in the operator's room. An individual number of each plate is optically identified when the coding plate passes through the gap in the sensor head. In the same time the distance from the center of the coding plate is measured. The display allocates the coding plate name to its number, which is then shown in the upper display field. The bottom display field shows the distance from the center of the code plate together with a minus or plus sign. The display has interface with an external communication system (PROFIBUS DP-V0, MODBUS TCP/IP, PROFINET). The entire equipment is very robust and resistant to the adverse conditions of the coke plant environment.

This equipment will facilitate more precise guidance of the coke oven machines/cars, which will result in minimizing the wear and tear of the coke oven chambers. It will also provide an effective synchronization of the cars and automation of car shunting or of the entire coking plant. It can effectively control the whole coke production process.

Digital display

  • display of position No. of chamber/name
  • distance range from the axis of the coding plate: ± 350 mm
  • accuracy: 1 mm
  • contains interfaces to communicate with PLC and for connection to the encoder IRC


  • SIEMENS, Czech Republic
  • OKK Koksovny a.s., Czech Republic
  • US STEEL Košice, Slovak Republic
  • ARCELORMITTAL Zenica, Bosna a Hercegovina
Technical data:
Parameter Value
Width of the slot through which the coding plate passes 150 mm
Dimension of sensor head 675 × 450 (or 370) × 380 mm
Accuracy when passing the centre of the coding plate 1 mm
Max. speed of the sensor head/car 7 m/s
Dimensions of coding plates 340 × 310 mm
Material of head and coding plates stainless steel
Working temperature range -20°C (-50°C) to 80°C
Power supply 24 V DC / 0.5A, 4A

Attached video

SPKV-03 Positioning of coking machines:

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  • SPKV_05
  • BOSNIA AND HERCEGOVINA ArcelorMittal Zenina
  • CZECH REPUBLIC ArcelorMittal Ostrava
  • Blokový diagram

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