MPP - Strip Profile Gauge (off-line)

The strip profile gauge is designed for fully automatic measurement of thickness (profile) of samples cut out from metal strip. This device is used mostly by hot- and cold-rolled metal strip producers. Type: MPP-1000...3000 (depends on width)

MPP-1500, MPP-2000

The sample is fixed by clamp to the measuring desk thereby ensuring perpendicular position of the differentially connected thickness contact sensors to the measured strip surface during measurement. The measurement is fully automatic, i.e. upon pressing the pushbutton the gauging head on the linear traversing gear is moved over the entire strip width and the control unit picks up the thickness value sampling in the set period at the same time and generates the strip profile data.

The control unit enables:

  • entering the measurement identifiers (operator's name, coil number, strip material)
  • entering the nominal (required) thickness and permissible tolerances


  • digital display of the measured thickness
  • graphic display of the deviation from thickness in the strip centre
  • display of the evenness tolerance compliance diagram
  • arithmetic calculation of the profile shape parameters ("crown", "wedge", "feather edge", "thickness differences")
  • printing the measurement records in table and graphic form
  • archiving the measured data on HDD
  • connection to the company computer network


  • easily controlled automatic strip profile measurement
  • both graphic and numerical display of the measured data on colour screen
  • independence of the measured material type
  • no mechanical adjustment of the gauging head for nominal thickness
Basic technical data:
Parameter Value
Resolution 0.001 mm
Sample strip thickness 0.03 to 5 mm (10 mm)
Accuracy ± 1 µm
Max. sample strip length MPP-3000 3000 mm

The gauge can also be fabricated to order.



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MPP Strip Profile Gauge:

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  • MPP-1800 in Voestalpine Linz
  • MPP-1500 in AL INVEST Czech Rep.
  • MPP-1500 in ArcelorMittal Romania
  • SPAIN Strip Profile Gauge in Arcelor ACERALIA

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