SZ - Wiping equipment

SZ is applied in the metal and non-metallic strip production in cold-rolling mills and strip processing plants. Our equipment guarantees efficient wiping action with no damage or risk to the strip in motion. Designed for cold rolling mill to eliminate coolant carry over.

SZ 1301 800x650

This equipment obtained GOLDEN BELL award at the International Metallurgical Fair METAL in Ostrava - Czech Republic.

The SZ Wiping Equipment for removing emulsions (oils) used in the production and processing of metal strips (or coils), consists of 2 pairs of specially shaped plastic wiping slats. In order to remove impurities, the unit is fitted with pressure blasting jets, which drive the impurities to the sides of the strip. The changing of the wiping slats is quick and simple by just the removal of the pullout clamps (on which the wiping slats are gripped). Our specially shaped wiping slats are produced from abrasion resistant material and can withstand temperatures up to 160°C. For operation it is necessary that there is a pressure air supply of PN6 at DN 20 minimum with a connector of G 3/4" with inner thread
(other options can be agreed to).

REFERENCEUntil recently the most common method of removing the emulsion (oils) from strip was with the use of felts or stitched rags. This had major disadvantages as up to: 30% of the winding machine pulling power was lost; moreover absorbing ability was minimized as the rags soaked up the emulsion and additional release of fibbers from the felt/ rags caused subsequent defects of the strip. Trapped chips in the rag/felt would also cause direct damage to the strip. These failures are virtually eliminated in our new strip wiping method, which uses plastic slats and air blasting.


  • increase of the strip speed
  • no "swimming" (telescoping) at the coiling
  • no slip of drawing cylinders
  • no stains after annealing
  • shorter annealing time
  • significantly higher lifetime of degreasing baths
  • cost savings achieved by coolant recycling
  • reliable and easy maintainance
  • high efficiency
  • ecological advantage ("oil saving policy")
Basic technical data:
Parameter Value
Strip width up to 3000 mm
Strip speed references up to 900 m/min *
Strip temperature up to 160o C
Thickness of the strip max. 10 mm

* higher speed on request

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SZ on 4 Hi rolling mill:

SZ on 20 Hi rolling mill:

SZ on the rolling mill:

SZ on dividing line:

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  • Wiping equipment on 20 Hi rolling mill
  • Argentina: SOTYL S.A. on 4 Hi mill
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  • Wiping equipment with tank

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