Company history

The company was founded in Ostrava in December 1991 with the intention to exploit the experience in production technologies in the area of mechanical engineering in view of high demand for the precision continuous contact gauges.

In 1993 the development of new continuous metal strip thickness gauge types with micrometer resolution was launched. The efforts invested was rewarded with the patent for Metal Strip Thickness Gauge on 22 September,1993. By the end of this year the findings were transferred to the production.

The rising demand at the domestic market allowed dynamic development of the company which succeeded in establishing at the measuring instrument market. It is the only manufacturer of this instrument type in the Czech Republic and one of a few major international companies producing continuous contact gauges.

The growing turnover enabled to develop ten continuous contact strip thickness gauges by 1998. In addition, another measuring instrument types for industrial application (meter of length of strip advance steps into the press, automatic strip surface defect detection device, etc.) were successfully developed to order.

In 1998 UVB TECHNIK was transformed into UVB TECHNIK s.r.o., a joint-stock company with registered offices in Ostrava owned by Mr. Tomáš Barták, Ing. and Mr. Pavel Vitoslavský, Ing. From the next year the continuous contact metal strip thickness gauges have been exported, with the largest amount directed to Spain.

At late 1999 / early 2000 the company moved to a new own building including production shops and offices in Hlučín.

The essential objective of the company for the near future is to penetrate more foreign markets and strengthen the positions at the domestic market. The high quality of products and long-terms relations with the clients will still be the basic tools to succeed this effort.