Profile of the Company

The company has 2 divisions - Measuring Instrument and Special Equipment Development and Production Division and Pneumatic and Hydraulic Component Sales and Machine Component and Machinery Production Division.

1. Measuring Instrument and Special Equipment Development and Production Division

The increasingly high requirements for rolling mill production quality lead to great demand for measurement instruments which have become an indispensable equipment. They enable to prevent various operational problems and the resulting loss of the customer and improve the final product quality. The measuring instrument purchase costs are paid off in short time, particularly thanks to the wastage reduction.

UVB TECHNIK s.r.o. spends 10 % of the total turnover per calendar year for applied research. As a result, it unceasingly develops and markets new products.

Continuous Contact Metal Strip Thickness Gauges

The production and marketing of continuous metal strip thickness gauges is the core activity of our company. We have been active in this field for more than twenty years. The gauges are used particularly to measure the cold-rolled metal and non-metallic plates and flat wires in rolling mills and also in strip processing plants. This measuring instrument type is used to comply with the production quality requirements according to ISO 9000-9004 standards and to achieve much more precise measurement results than with the strip thickness gauges offered by the competitors. The experience and results of the companies operating these instruments for several years show the payback period can be even 2 months.

Compared with the other products available at the market, the ones offered by our company feature better parameters regarding ruggedness, easy operation without mechanical head adjustment as well as measurement precision thanks to the digital display of absolute thickness in micrometers. Another undeniable advantage of our products is the single measurement range from 0 to 9 mm (0 - 0.35´´). The control outputs or host computer connection outputs, simple measurement precision verification, easy digital calibration and control loop connection outputs are commonplace.

Since the measurement precision is not influenced by the material type the calibration need not be performed after every measurement as with the contactless gauges. When using the types supplied by us the requirements for additional hygienic measurements are eliminated which allows to achieve not inconsiderable cost savings.

At present the company can offer 16 product types designed for measurement in the cold-rolled strips production and processing which can be classified into 12 categories. For more info see the Measuring devices section.

2. Pneumatic and Hydraulic Component Sales and Machine Component and Machinery Production Division

Our customers include companies from the sector of heavy and light industry located in the territory of the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The articles from our product range are supplied mostly to the iron, machine, electrical, automobile and rubber industry as well as foodstuff, beverage and other producers. UVB TECHNIK cooperates only with manufacturers offering high quality products.

The product range is formed predominantly by:

  • pneumatic equipment components (screwed fittings, quick couplers, pneumatic cylinders, hoses, valves),
  • hydraulic equipment components, lubricators, springs (compression, tension, Belleville, flat, etc.),
  • and other machine components (fittings, "kabelschlepps", etc.).

Our trained specialists are prepared to provide solutions for pneumatic and hydraulic equipment component installations and replacements. We also provide free consultancy and service to our customers. In addition, we are able to manufacture machine parts as well as large machinery to order in our specialized workshops. We can offer attractive prices and discounts for regular customers.