MTP - Continuous Strip Thickness Gauge with Manual Drive

This high-endurance heavy-duty gauge is designed for precision continuous online contact measurement of metal as well as non-metallic strip thickness. Types: MTP-1301, MTP-2001, MTP-3001


The design of the diamond contacts, which are permanently touching the measured strip, secures they do not impair the appearance of the material and have long service life. The pneumatic thrust of the contacts on the strip can be continuously controlled.

This continuous gauge was developed as an absolute measuring device requiring no mechanical readjustment for the nominal thickness of the measured strip and its absolute measuring capability allows to use it also for precision calibration of other (e.g. contactless) gauges during the production process.

The control unit enables:

  • digital thickness on 7" touch panel display
  • REFERENCESanalogue display to show the deviation from the set nominal thickness
  • setting and monitoring of lower and upper limits
  • digital calibration of the gauge
  • extension module connection


  • absolute digital display of the measured thickness
  • independence of the measured material type
  • no mechanical adjustment of the gauging head for nominal thickness
  • easy operation
  • 5 year warranty on diamond contacts

Optional accessories:

Basic technical data:
Parameter Value
Resolution 0.001 mm
Strip thickness range: 0.03 - 9 mm; max. 20 mm
.01" - .35"
Max. thickness measurement error ≤ 1 µm; ≤ 2 µm (> 2 mm)
≤ .00004"; ≤ .00008"
Max. measurement depth from the strip edge: 130 mm (210 mm, 310 mm)
5.2" (8.2", 12.2")
Max. strip speed: 900 m/min
3 000 ft/min

Attached video

MTP-3001A thickness gauge:

Thickness gauge MTP-1302 (steel, rolling mill):

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  • Spain Compania Valenciana de Aluminio S.L.: Aluminium strip
  • Czech Republic KWW, a.s.
  • Czech Republic: Mittal Steel Company N.V.: 4hi mill
  • China Wenzhou Hongyuan Copper
  • JSC AZOTSM Artyomovsk Ukraine 1
  • JSC AZOTSM Artyomovsk Ukraine 2
  • HMI-Touch panel box
  • HMI-Touch panel 7 - thickness evaluation
  • HMI-Touch panel 7 - trend graph
  • HMI-Touch panel-display menu