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Degreasing Equipment for removing rest of oils and emulsions off the strips on processing lines, to dry the strip surface.

Degreasing equipment OZ-1800

The decreasing equipment is aimed at manufacturers and processors of metal strips. It is used to remove rest of oils and emulsions off the strips on processing lines, to dry the strips. Our equipment guarantees efficient wiping action with no damage or risk to the strip in motion.

The Degreasing Equipment consists of 3 sections:

  1. Wetting section with two plastic rollers (for bottom and upper strip surface).
  2. Brushing section with two round brushes rotating against strip movement.
  3. Wiping section with 2 pairs of specially shaped plastic wiping slats. In order to remove impurities, the unit is fitted with pressure blasting jets driving the impurities to the sides of the strip. The changing of the wiping slats is quick and simple by just the removal of the pullout holders (on which the wiping slats are gripped). The wiping slats are located in the flexible holders which allow them to bend and move up and down. Flexible fitting ensures reliable and effective cleaning of wide strips, even when they are sagging in the center.

Wiped oil with the degreaser is collected throw bath (part of equipment) to a Jerry Can.

Basic technical data:

Parameter Value
Strip width up to 3000 mm
Strip speed up to ca. 2 m/s
Strip temperature up to 60o C
Thickness of the strip max. 10 mm